Empty Seats and Empty Offering Plates Got You Down? We Can Help.

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Jerry Lawson, President and CEO of 24toDouble and Founding Pastor of Daystar Church

This system took our church from 60 to 6000 and it has worked in churches, large and small, urban and rural, all around the world. It WILL work for you!

We Bring The Conference To You

Every month, you get access to a new video with notes, pdf's, and Done-for-You training guides to walk you step-by-step through the church growth process in manageable bite-size pieces to eliminate the guesswork and supercharge your results.

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Are you struggling to attract first-time guests?

Has God called you to impact your community but you feel like no one is paying attention?

We are here to help.

Going from feeling ineffective to powerfully transforming your community is more than possible - it is your mission. 24toDouble was designed to help your church find its unique calling and to accomplish all that God has placed in your heart.

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What You Will Get Inside Of The Training Area

  • The Whole Church Discipleship System - 24 Video Teaching Modules

  •  Done-For-You Team Training Guides

  • Gifts & Passions Teaching Bundle with Unlimited Assessments

  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls

  • One Full Year of Sermons with Teaching and Congregation Notes

  • Private Facebook Group 

  • Lifetime Legacy Access Once Complete 
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Our Gift To You

Listen, we get it. Trusting someone you may have never heard of can be tough and we want to remove that roadblock for you.  

Fill out the form and we will give you access to a teaching series from Pastor Jerry called "Seven Teams that Grow the Church" with no commitment or obligation on your part.

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