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Growing a church does not have to be overwhelming

Get access to our proven step-by-step plan to grow your church predictably and systematically over the next 12 to 24 months. Our 24todouble Whole Church Discipleship Model is an online course and community with everything you need to start seeing new families added to your church, connecting them to the life-giving message of Jesus Christ...
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What Do You Need Right Now, Today?

A Plan to Attract New Families

I want to see new people attending our church every week and I don't want to wait months for it to happen.

Reach Your Community

A Way to Follow Up with Guests

I want to make sure we reach out to every family that visits our church to invite them to come back.

Follow-Up with Every Visitor

A Ste-by-Step Process for Growth

I want to build something that will reach my entire community for Jesus and will do so long after I am gone.

Grow Your Church

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you try 24toDouble and for whatever reason, decide it’s not right for you, we’ll refund your entire investment, no questions asked!

Try Out 24toDouble and Let Us Take All The Risk!

24 Month Conditional Guarantee

24 Month Guarantee 

If you engage the 24toDouble process by:
  1. Reviewing the modules with your team
  2. Implementing the big event strategy
  3. Putting the teams in place
And you aren't satisfied with your results after completing the 2-year process, we'll refund your entire investment.   
This is the "Some Questions Asked" guarantee. You'll need to provide documentation of your effort in the form of an email with the big events you've held and the teams you've developed, along with an explanation of why you are requesting a refund.
All of this means, when you are making your investment, you have nothing to worry about. We don’t want you to just throw your credit card numbers at us. We truly care about you seeing life-changing results!
Start Your 24toDouble Journey Risk Free Today!

24toDouble Has Worked in Too Many Places to Think it Won't Work for You!

It’s time to join us by clicking through to one of the free trial links below. [Join the mission to restore church to our communities] This way you can get a taste of what’s involved and introduce your ideas to the community before making the commitment to the whole program.


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