Learn How I Doubled the Size of Our Congregation in 24 Months and How You Can Do The Same Thing... Guaranteed!

Some pastors achieve massive growth

Some pastors have time for family and recreation

And NOW - the Whole Church Discipleship Model is here and has helped hundreds of Pastors in every state and 15 countries do both!

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The 7 Teams needed to run a life-giving church so people want to keep coming back

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Building systems to empower your teams allowing God to ignite their passion for personal ministry

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So, Just What Is 24toDouble?

This is NOT a collection of "good ideas" picked up at conferences... This is NOT a course designed to teach you how to be "better" at things you are already doing... This is NOT a church in a box program, with a promise that it's fast and easy...

While all of those are the preferred route for some pastors, this course is specifically designed to show you EXACTLY how you can confidently take your existing staff, team, or collection of volunteers and completely embrace the opportunity God has put in front of you. With 24toDouble 3.0, you will learn to turn your members into true disciples who evangelize your community and begin to have massive impact in the lives of those God has entrusted you to lead.

If you're ready for the next level of church growth unlike anything you have seen in your ministry so far then click below now and enroll in this life-changing program!

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