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Growing Your church doesn't have to require more of you...

You don't have to choose between growing your church and having a balanced home life anymore...

-Some pastors achieve massive growth

-Some pastors have time for family and recreation

And NOW - the Whole Church Discipleship Model is here and has helped hundreds of Pastors in every state and 15 countries do both!

And if your'e wondering how this could even be possible or "what's the catch" let me paint you a picture...

My name is Jerry Lawson - I’m the Pastor of Daystar Church in Cullman, AL. In 2006, I hired Dr. Owen Weston. He’s the founder of the 24toDouble model.

The 24toDouble model revolutionized my congregation allowing me to grow it from 60 people to over 650 people.

We now average 2,700 on Sundays because of the 24toDouble process and have one of the lowest staff to attender ratios and one of the highest rate of member involvement in ministry for churches our size.

-Imagine seeing every chair filled with people eager to hear the message of Christ

-Imagine seeing the children's ministry overflowing with kids who love being at your church

-Imagine hearing true stories of life change as your lay leaders begin to do the work of the ministry along side you

-Imagine finally knowing you are where God wants you to be and you are reaching the people He has given you with His amazing grace.

This is your next level...this is how you FINALLY step into the Church God has called you to build!

 When I first took this church, my denominational leader told me that this would be a good place for me to get some experience, but it wasn't a long-term home.

That was 19 years ago.  Now we're building additional campuses to deal with our space issues.

Seeing The Success At My Church Inspired Me To Take This Program Nationwide

So I made an investment and purchased the rights to the 24toDouble process from Dr. Owen Weston. Together, we began to do a live training every month and trained over 400 churches. Leaders from all over the country were driving or flying in for a one-day meeting each month.

It felt like we were making a real difference until I saw the costs these leaders were outlaying to come along.

It was then I realized that I needed to do something to reach more churches in a way that was affordable.

For many leaders, a lack of financial resources is the only thing standing in the way of progress, so I didn’t want that to stop anyone from having access to the program.

That's when I decided to bring the conference to you instead of bringing you to the conference.

Why Wait Another Day? Get started for Just $7

This is The "Right Now" Opportunity For Your Church...

  • Do You know in your knower that God has given you the community you are in to win for His Glory?

  • Have you found yourself in prayer over the lack of attendance at your church?

  • If I show the exact process to empower your leaders to do the work of the ministry, freeing you to more clearly hear from God and lead His people, are you willing to do the work?
  • Are you ready to recapture some margin in your life and get back to a place of health and balance?
  • Are you ready to go to another level of leadership and significance in your ministry and see hundreds of lives transformed by the message of the Gospel?

If you could answer YES to one or more of the questions above, then you are exactly where you are supposed to be...right now...and here's why...

24toDouble Will Help You Build The Church You Are Called to Lead

For over 20 years God has been showing me what it means to transform our community through the Love and Power of Jesus Christ while allowing me to redefine traditional ways of helping pastors grow their church, change lives, rebuild communities, and create next level success...

An now, with a lifetime of experience and a rock solid biblical foundation, I am so excited to bring You this Whole Church Discipleship Model designed to help You reverse the flow of church decline and bring people back into God's presence. So, how exactly does this apply to you? Here's how....

Chances are at least one of those questions resonated in your spirit. If so, then 24toDouble may be the "secret sauce" you've been searching for in order see real change in your church and start a movement that will last for generations to come.

This course, designed and perfected over the last 15 years, was created to help any pastor; regardless of the size of your church, city, town, or community....learn how to develop a compelling vision, ignite your members passion for personal ministry, renew your hope in reaching the lost, create margin in your life, and so much more...


Let's Be Clear...


Neither You, Nor I, or any Course or Program Can Actually Grow Your Church...Only God Can Bring People to You


What 24toDouble Can Do is show You how to position Your Church to receive the Ones He gives You so they feel Welcomed and Loved. Doing so will allow them to experience God for who He Truly Is....Maybe For The First Time In Their Lives...


The course accomplishes this by...

  1. Training your team allowing God to ignite their passion for personal ministry.
  2. Teaching you to build the 7 teams needed to run a life giving church so people want to keep coming back.
  3. Creating church staff who feel supported and re-motivated.
  4. Growing your church with more people, more love and more God in the house.
  5. Giving you, the lead pastor, renewed hope that your church can reach new people.
  6. Helping you ensuring the security of the church for future generations.
  7. Breaking down the wall of being inward focused.
  8. Turning your church into a magnet for young families.
  9. Showing you the pleasure of generating more funds and achieving goals.
  10. Creating margin for you to live in your strengths.
  11. Increasing the annual giving in your church.
  12. Helping you build the ministry you were created to lead!

This is NOT a collection of "good ideas" picked up at conferences...

This is NOT a course designed to teach you how to be "better" at things you are already doing...

This is NOT a church in a box program, with a promise that it's fast and easy...

While all of those are the preferred route for some pastors, this course is specifically designed to show you EXACTLY how you can confidently take your existing staff, team, or collection of volunteers and completely embrace the opportunity God has put in front of you. With 24toDouble 3.0, you will learn to turn your members into true disciples who evangelize your community and begin to have massive impact in the lives of those God has entrusted you to lead.

If you're ready for the next level of church growth unlike anything you have seen in your ministry so far then click below now and enroll in this life-changing program!

Yes! Enroll In The Course Today And Watch Your Church Double in 24 Months!

Look At Just Some Of The Success Of Our Incredible 24D Community

1200 Churches - 15 Countries - Towns with 500 People - Cities with 500,000 

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Malcolm Carter III, Temple Baptist Church

"In a Matter of 17 months our church went from 350 to over 800 (Now over 1,700) and even more importantly the involvement level of our people increased dramatically. The excitement level in our leadership about getting people involved and getting them into areas of their giftedness has completely changed the landscape of our church. We are forever more grateful to the team at 24toDouble. "

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Michael Shreve, Mountain West Church Of God

Since we started the journey with 24toDouble our church has more than doubled. We went from and average of 160 to 382. We have more people involved in ministry than we’ve ever had before who are finding their purpose and passion and it’s been absolutely incredible!

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Dr. Gary Sands , Lead Pastor Dallas, Texas

We just started 24 to Double a few months ago and we have increased our attendance by over 50%, particularly using the big events component.

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Joey Elsky Lead Pastor Prattville, Alabama

We grew our church from 60 to 1,200 in seven years using 24 to Double.

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Steve Brown Director of Evangelism, North Georgia

I’ve used 24 to Double in Georgia and every church that faithfully applied the program has doubled in size.

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Joey Turman Lead Pastor Mobile, Alabama

In just one year, Pathway has grown by 50% from 600 to 900 worshipers in attendance using 24 to Double.

What You Get Today - Plus, Extra Bonuses:

Enroll in 24toDouble TODAY and Receive Access to The Course That Has Helped Transform Thousands of Churches PLUS 3 Great Bonuses Completely Free That You Can not Get Any Place Else ...

24toDouble 3.0

With freshly updated videos, the new 24toDouble 3.0 is better than ever. Unlock a new Module every month as you walk through the process with your team and watch as God begins to add new families to your church! (Value = $9600) 

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Bonus #1 - 12 Sermon Series Package

With 48 Messages including notes, graphics, and example videos, this package will save You time and even help You create margin as You take Your team through the course. (Value = $899) 

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Bonus #2 - Monthly Q&A Session with Pastor Jerry Lawson

Have a burning question about the program or ministry in general? Jump on the monthly call and talk it over with Pastor Jerry (Value = $150)

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Bonus #3 - Archive of 2019 Q&A Calls

No matter how long you have been in the program, you can gain valuable insights listening to past calls as Pastor Jerry answers questions from fellow pastors. (Value = $299)

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Yes! Enroll In The 24toDouble Course Today for only $7


You can try, but you won't find a more direct path to doubling your church...

When You enroll in this program today, You will soon realize that NOW is the time, YOU are completely equipped to succeed, and You NOW have access to a proven plan to help take you there.

Once You cast vision to your team and begin the training, your confidence in 24toDouble will soar as you watch your numbers increase week by week.

The truth is, many churches see their congregation double is much less time than 24 months.

Most church growth resources are specifically for the pastor. 24toDouble is for the entire church community. I call it a “Whole Church Discipleship” model.

The first thing I ask you to do is to call a meeting. Too many pastors tend to do it all because they’re the one’s getting paid. I’m anti the pastor “doing it all”. And, I’m going to show you another way that is more successful than anything I’ve seen.

Doing more isn’t scalable. Doing less by getting people to help in areas where they are gifted and passionate is scalable, and it inspires people to get on board and become part of the community.

Most churches are stuck for a reason. By inspiring church members, we teach them to not only join the teams that will get your church unstuck, but to lead them. This is an end-to-end solution for church growth.

And for just $9600 $99 a month or 6 payments of $299 you get instance access to this incredible course along with all the FREE bonuses and membership to our private Facebook Group.

You're going to find a level of confidence that you may never have experienced in any other course or training in your life. By the end of the 15 day trial you will realize this is absolutely for you...

This course provides the tools, knowledge, and support you need break the 200, 400, 800, or even 2000 member barrier in your church over the next two years.

Take action today so you and your team can start crafting your new plan as soon as tomorrow...

Think about it...

Would you give $99 a month to be personally taught a plan that cost Daystar over $24,000 to learn?

Would you give $99 a month to get access to a proven plan that has worked in churches all across America and 15 other countries in communities of all shapes and sizes over the last 15 years?

Would you give give $99 a month to get a new sermon every week to include done-for-you notes and graphics while also watching a seasoned pastor deliver the message as a jumping off point for your own sermon?

Would you give $99 a month to be able to ask a tried and true church growth expert about any issue you are having in your own church?

Of course! Who wouldn't? It could save you years of trial and error and help untold numbers of people hear the saving message of Christ...

Well you get ALL of that guessed it...just $99 a month.

Don't miss this chance to fully walk out your calling and join with churches all over the world as together we reach out to a lost and dying generation and ask God to work in their lives as only He can do!

This is YOUR time, YOUR calling, YOUR mission.

Click below to start your 15 day trial for just $7.

60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, Cancel Anytime

24 Month Conditional Money Back Guarantee

Yes! Enroll In The 24toDouble Course Today for only $7

24toDouble Helps You Build 7 Teams
Based On The 5 Fold Ministry Principle

  • Team 1: Outreach
    The sole purpose of this team is to engage your community and find new ways to get people to visit your church. Imagine new people showing up to your church every week and someone else made it happen.
  • Team 2: First Impressions
    This team’s purpose in life is to make people feel like they’re right at home in your church. From the parking lot to the pew, from the front door to the nursery, these people serve to make sure every first experience is an excellent one.
  • Team 3: Tech Arts
    Your focus on Sunday morning has to be on what God has called you to hear not how it’s being heard. This team is responsible for preparing the environment for worship. Leaders on this team organize everything from facility care to lighting, technology and drama.
  • Team 4: Worship
    The right leaders on this team make sure that the worship is relevant to the message and prepares your members and visitors for the message.
  • Team 5: Follow Up
    One of the most overlooked teams in the church is the team responsible for getting people to return after a visit. This team focuses on reaching out to answer any questions visitors have and make them feel welcome to return.
  • Team 6: Children
    Children’s ministry is the lifeblood of the church. This team focuses on preparing the next generation of Christians through vibrant children’s ministry.
  • Team 7: Small Groups
    Everyone wants community with other people at similar life stages. This team’s focus is to involve everyone from Jr. High to Senior adults in active community groups or Sunday school classes.
Yes! Enroll In The 24toDouble Course Today for only $7


The Decision is Now. Enroll In The 24toDouble Online Course Today And Build The Church You Were Born To Lead!