Learn How I Reach More People for Jesus Using "Big Events"

The Big Events Mini-Course concentrates on the seven rules of outreach—exposure, repetition, promotion, involvement, influence, focus, and networking.

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In this online course you will get immediate access to:

  • Two 40-minute video lessons from Jerry Lawson

  • Two lesson PowerPoints

  • Two lesson Handouts

  • Two lesson Answer Keys

Normally, you only get access to this information when you are a member of the full 24toDouble Whole Church Discipleship Model program, which is $129 a month... but because we want to help your church grow now, you can enjoy these two modules for just $39.

Video Instruction

This course features two 40 minute videos modules from church growth expert Jerry Lawson.


This course also features downloadable resources, such as lesson PowerPoints, handouts, and answer keys.

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This training would normally cost $258 in our main program but today you can gain access for only $39. No excuses. Your church can be on its way to planning and executing well-designed and effective outreach events. Let us help you.

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Why Big Events


Because nothing galvanizes your staff, leaders, and key volunteers in the direction of outreach like a big event. 

Learning to leverage 4 big events (and monthly ministry events) will help your church with:

  • Exposure
  • Repetition
  • Promotion
  • Involvement
  • Influence
  • Focus 
  • & Networking

There's No Time Like Now to Learn the Best Practices of Big Events

Outreach in your community has never been more important to growing your church. Recent events have provided many churches with setbacks. Don't let your church wither in the face of adversity. Learn to leverage big events so your church can do better outreach... and grow!

Enroll Now for just $39