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The Importance of Your Church During a Recession

24todouble Jul 07, 2022


Pastor Bill Hybels once said the local church is the hope of the world. While I believe Jesus is the real hope of the world, the local church is a close second. A healthy and thriving church can provide hope and support during difficult times, such as the coming recession.

Your church can provide hope and support to those who are struggling and positions itself as a place to find comfort and community.

Pastor, you need to be prepared to lead people through these tough times by preaching hope, being humble, and reaching out to hurting communities.

What is a recession and how can it affect your church?

A recession is a period of time when the economy is in a state of continuous decline. This can affect your church in a number of ways. First, if people are struggling financially, they may be less likely to attend church. Second, the church may experience decreased giving from its members. Finally, the recession may lead to layoffs or budget cuts, which could...

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