Discover All The Tools you need to turn a first-time attender (or F.T.A.) into a fully-functioning, integrated disciple!

Join us as Pastor Jerry teaches the 24toDouble method He calls it Insane Follow Up.

It isn't just some random thoughts about what might work. 

It's a proven system. 

Jerry Lawson, the president of 24toDouble and pastor of Daystar Church helps you understand how to implement Insane Follow Up in your church.


Automate Your Follow-Up

Follow-Up is not just a phone call. Learn all the ways you can automatically reach out to every visitor in your church.

Build a System

Discover how to use a proven Follow-Up Process to ensure you have a fail-proof system in place to reach out to every guest who comes to your church.

Get Every Team Involved

Every ministry team needs to know how to follow up with people. Let Pastor Jerry teach your entire team and get everyone on the same page